Memorial Page Submission Policy

Please read the following instructions and policies for your submission.

Any family member may submit information on a Pearl Harbor Survivor to be included in the Survivor Listing and special web page. The page is created from the material you send at no charge. All information becomes the property of the PHS web site. Do not send any information not suitable for sharing with the public. I reserve the right to edit or refuse any material and shall not be held liable for its content or use in any way. I reserve the right to, and plan to use, at my descretion, any or all material submitted to be included in a book at some point in the future. The book will possibly be a type of giant scrap book and a lasting and fitting memorial to all who are included. The goal is that both this web site and any publications resulting thereof become historical documents for future generations. It is about sharing a very vital portion of our history with those who come after us. By submitting your material, you and all family members do hereby agree to these terms.

The book idea has come about due to some family members asking about some type of memorial to their now deceased Pearl Harbor Survivor family member. I believe this, in addition to the web site page, will be a fitting and lasting keepsake. For every person who was there that day, there is a story. For every family member who waited and prayed, there is a reason to remember. For every child, grandchild, niece, nephew, and those yet to come, there is a desire to know.

Special Notice: Pearl Harbor Survivors still living are invited to include their own story submissions, or allow a family member to do so for them. These will be on a special listing separately from the Memorial listing and each will have their own page. They will also be subject to the same policies and, at my decretion, be included in the proposed printed publication. John's story (my husband) will be included, as well as any stories I write covering the upcoming 60th Pearl Harbor Survivors Reunion, or other relevant materials.

To submit, compile your data, photos, news clippings, and any special comments into an e-mail. Send to: Doris Newnam    Please Note: I get lots of e-mail daily. In the Subject line, please type:   "Survivor Submission".   If I don't recognize it by subject matter, I might unknowingly delete it. In event you don't hear back from me in a reasonable time, feel free to follow up just in case something should happen to your submission. Be sure to keep a copy in your files of your submission. Not often, but occasionally, mail servers do crash and mail is lost. Please remember our high-tech world is great, but not perfect.

I will create your special page and add your survivor's name to the Listing at my earliest convenience. I will notify you with any questions or comments, and have you proof the page before I link it up. You may request any corrections or changes as needed to your page. I reserve the right to limit changes, but my interest leans more to "getting it right" for you and your family.

Thank you for your interest.
Doris Newnam Doris Newnam

June, 2001
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